Red Bull ran at half speed for the low reliability of the Renault engine


The excessive amount of penalties that have suffered the riders this year because of the failures of the different elements that make up the power unit off the alarms in the Red Bull after the problems experienced in Mexico, and due to the new setbacks that were faced with the single-seater Daniel Ricciardo before qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the team’s austrian decided to compromise the power delivery of the propellant to Renault in the race to be able to complete the 71 laps without difficulties.

“we Did the race with the engine in safe mode, since obviously the reliability has been a concern”, said Christian Horner to Sky Sports F1 after the race. The head of the team of the energy drink he confessed that “the design of this circuit, with a last sector, so long, we punished him for something more than that of Mexico”, and therefore were not able to get the chronos is desired in the sector focus, that was just where we needed it”.

we Did the race with the engine in safe mode, since obviously the reliability has been a concern

Horner quantified the loss of time caused by this event in “a couple of tenths”, an improvement of pace substantial that they would have served to help despite running in no-man’s land to be seen even overtaken by Lewis Hamilton, who came forth from the pit lane for having gone directly against the wall on Saturday. “Max was riding as fast as possible to stay close to Kimi and Valtteri, and when you get too close you begin to damage the tire. You enter in a vicious circle in that moment. You push to keep the pace, but shatter the tire at the end of the relay”.

“We have heard that Renault is improving the engine”, noted the representative of Red Bull on the other hand. The pre-season of 2018 will favor the French biker of a generous step forward after two seasons in which they have returned to Formula 1 with its own team after buying Lotus, and have begun to lay the groundwork for what they expect it to be a structure capable of threatening the title from a couple of years. “If they can do it during the winter, and fixed the reliability, I am convinced that we will be able to give the pilots the next year a car to make the season a really, really good together”, concluded Horner.