Red Bull RB12 he treads on the heels of Ferrari and Mercedes

Red Bull RB12 en BarcelonaRed Bull is one of the teams that are most surprising, despite its black panorama at the end of 2015 and the threats to leave F1, they have continued thanks to the renewal of its partnership with Renault, although its engine has been renamed as TAG Heurer to motorize the large Red Bull RB12. Renault seemed to be sunk over the past year in terms of reliability and performance, something like what happened with Honda, but having enjoyed a year more of practice.

2016 is presented as a tough year, a car transition, the Red Bull RB12, for a year of transition as well as announcing Horner and other representatives of the firm of energy drinks. Even insinuated that Toro Rosso could be far ahead of them during the first half of the championship, but far from this, the start of the Red Bull team is still surprising, especially with the performances of Daniel Ricciardo, who is well positioned in the world.

Ricciardo y HornerChristian Horner is very pleased with the behavior of the new Red Bull RB12 and trust that the big update that will in Canada I could give you the power necessary to hurt Ferrari and Mercedes. If you take advantage of the mistakes of Ferrari and it is true that they have a good roadmap for the development, Red Bull that was not on the ballot, no one could move to Ferrari as an alternative to Mercedes and this would be a great stick for those of Maranello.

Milton Keynes have everything for your triumph, have guru Adrian Newey in addition to a good technical team around him, have the money and the Renault engine is the most tokens you have to spend. Remember that Ferrari is the less room it has to improve, as they would only remain 9 tokens and has used 23 of the 32 to 2016. Mercedes has used up to 19, but you are 13 and are still the best, therefore they will win the championship unless major surprise. Then came Honda, which has used 18 tokens and have 14 more to develop. But Renault has only used 7, and you can use nothing less than 25 tokens to improve…