Red Bull steals to McLaren a socio-historical


The Formula 1 it promises big changes in 2017 with a new technical regulation, which among other things will affect the chassis and the aerodynamics. However, computers also are promoting their own changes and in the GP of Mexico seems to have agitated the grill in which suppliers of lubricants and fuels are concerned. According to various sources, Red Bull has managed to sign an agreement with Exxon / Mobil, by taking a socio-historical to McLaren. For its part, the team from Woking was not long in finding a new provider and McLaren would be associated with Castrol / BP.

During the last few weeks had been concocting lies the possible landing of Castrol / BP in the Formula 1 and the events have been accelerated in the last few dates. Although it is not yet official, everything indicates that Red Bull has signed a technical agreement with Exxon / Mobil as a supplier of oils, lubricants and fuel to the engine Tag Heuer -Renault – team. For his part, McLaren lost a technical partner of first level and with which he has been working closely for 21 seasons by adding four world titles and 70 wins.


however, McLaren has not been resting on their laurels and the output
Exxon / Mobil has been answered by the crystallization of a
agreement with Castrol / BP
, company historical with a great past in the
discipline and that he was giving his back to the World of Formula 1 in
the last few months. However, with a power unit Honda has
been developed in close cooperation with Exxon / Mobil, this change
poses a great challenge for the biker japanese
and thus for all
McLaren ahead of next season, the already complex level

This dance of suppliers of lubricants and fuels
between Red Bull and McLaren might have a third variation as
Castrol / BP has also talked with a lot of strength to the team
factory of Renault
. For the moment, the French manufacturer works with
TOTAL, provider with which it also shares a long career.
However, Renault is also considering the option of
Castrol / BP ahead of the season 2017. With McLaren and Red Bull
refusing to comment on these deals, it is not expected that Renault move tab
before that McLaren or Red Bull to formalize this change