Red Bull to Mercedes in the F1 2017

Da niel Ricciardo, Red Bull, GP EE.UU. 2014Red Bull will take 2016 as a transition period with their engines TAG Heurer (Renault), even though the momentum of Ilmor, is not expected to improve substantially as to turn around the current situation and be able to compete with Honda, Mercedes and Ferrari, yes Honda also seems to be in a good position if everything goes as expected in the preseason, but worse so has Renault to make progress.

in Addition, the regulation changes planned for 2017, with a slick different to the current one, could give advantage to the guru Newey and able to create an interesting project to highlight. So she thinks Daniel Ricciardo, who ensures that the team “bordará” when “have the right material” and that also implies a good engine, since Red Bull has not yet thrown in the towel in this regard and continues to seek alternatives to 2017.

Abiteboul y HornerAbiteboul and Horner

Ricciardo believes that “The coming year should go a little better, but to reach the level of Mercedes will have to wait until 2017, being realistic. You never know what will happen, this year we have been close to getting a couple wins, but for now it’s best to play it safe.“. So relating it to the average Motorsport, the australian pilot with Italian roots.

Horner has also wanted to give hope and it seems that they are ap close to closing a deal to have an engine competitive for 2017. Christian Horner seems to indicate that Red Bull is very focused on all the changes for 2017, that they see with good eyes and expect to be able to take advantage of them, and are working to get the engine competitive and to get rid by end of the Renault.