Red Bull tried to ban shark fins months ago


The activity of the Formula 1, as every winter, it restarts with the beginning of the first day of testing, which takes place for the second year in a row in a classic like the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. And although Red Bull has had an important activity in this coming-of-age due to the typical problems of a new car, have been in the news, also by a concept that is making this preseason: the shark fins.

practically all of the equipment has already incorporated this aletín to the top of the deck engine of his car, with a more or less aesthetic success. Many of them have been added in addition to the T-Wings, a kind of spoiler, which is situated between the rear spoiler and the fin, and that some have managed to merge with this last, arriving Williams to locate a second T-Wing bottom.

Both concepts aerodynamic are born of a hole in the regulations, in relation to the dimensions of the devices located in the rear end of the car, and some have been supporters of your removal, as has already happened about 7 years ago, when you consider that detrimental to the aesthetics of the car. One of them is Christian Horner, the head of the team Red Bull, which has revealed today that its team realized it in 2016, and asked the Strategy Group to revise the regulations to prohibit such fins, without success

“cars have a pint fantastic, the only thing that disappoints are the shark fins. Is something that we set out in the Strategy Group last year, to ask all the teams that were removed for the sake of aesthetics because the advantage in performance that they offer is quite marginal. What happened to the Commission of the Formula 1, but unfortunately it was rejected by the majority of teams. It is something that we hope can be addressed for next year. It is a shame that this shark fin have slipped through a hole in the regulation. If you ask our aerodinamicistas, I would like to keep it”.

Horner puts it as a main argument the question of the aesthetic, beyond any gain that one could get with it. The british considered that “the cars look more aggressive and seem more challenging, and it would be a mistake to ignore the aesthetics of cars. Unfortunately, it is a consequence of the legislation, but one that should have been able to fix pretty fast.” Although at the time of weigh in on the configuration of your suspension, front, followed by McLaren and Toro Rosso, his opinion is different: The FIA seems to be happy with the way we have interpreted the rules. IF someone has a problem with it, they have the right to protest. We can only go by the advice that we received from the organ of government. All the feedback we have received is that there is no problem”.

later, Horner explained the mechanical problems that Daniel Ricciardo suffered during the morning session, blaming the that both are produced almost back to back bad luck:Tuvimos some mechanical issues this morning related to a sensor of the engine and after fixing that problem, there was another with the batteries. Had to change them and this caused a loss of time. I’d rather have these problems here than in the first race, the good news is that it does not look like big problems and it is promising the fact that other cars with the same engine are rolling well, so one can assume that you have simply been bad luck that Daniel had two problems today”