Red Bull wasted a golden opportunity


Red Bull has passed from illusion to disappointment in a few minutes during the celebration of the Bahrain Grand Prix. Both Max Verstappen as Daniel Ricciardo were able to follow the pace of the Mercedes and Ferrari in the first part of the race, but after the pit stop initial, it all went out the window.

Max Verstappen went very well, placing fourth in the race after overtaking Kimi Räikkönen and team-mate. The pace of the leader at that time, Valtteri Bottas, was quite affordable and Max is hooked to Hamilton without problems. “I Had a good start, Kimi suffered outside the off line and we went on. I then made the outside of turn 1 and I passed it to Daniel, which put me in a good position. After that, I kept with the leaders, the car was behaving really well with the tyres and the pace was good”.

After Sebastian Vettel came into the pits to attempt the undercut on Bottas, Verstappen did the same to get overtake Lewis Hamilton and Bottas. But, after the pit stop, the brakes failed and the Red Bull ended up impacting against the protections at low speed. “I Think we stopped at the right time to try an undercut with the two Mercedes, but then the rear brakes failed on lap 12 and the race was finished. These things are part of the competition and there are positive points with the stay. The car worked much better than in the two previous races, as well, which is simply a final unfortunate, because we could have got good points”.


Daniel Ricciardo, from most to least

The race of the australian’s Red Bull had dyes similar to those of your partner, although without abandoning it. Things went very well until the first stop, keeping the pace of the Mercedes, Ferrari and Max Verstappen with the compound superblando.

But when you switch to soft, things got worse and the car lost all the good feelings that Daniel Ricciardo had found in the first few laps. “For me the race had two sides. At the beginning of the race, I thought that we could win. That relay was very competitive and I could see that Valtteri was suffering. I was at the end of the group and could see everyone in front of me. Slid and it looked like it worse, it was easy to stay there and look after the tyres”.

Ricciardo took advantage of even the safety car caused by the accident involving Carlos Sainz and Lance Stroll, but the poor performance with the soft compound made futile effort, ending the race fifth out of options to face up to the Mercedes and Ferrari. “The safety car I was well and I went to the third position, but we didn’t do that well with the tyres (soft) and I lost a lot of ground. Even after recovering the rhythm, we were back and I had problems with grip in the front and rear. We never got the tyres to work well”.

Red Bull keeps the third place of the championship, but giving up already 55 points compared to Ferrari.