Red Bull will continue with Renault


At least that is
emerges from the testimonies collected by Autosport in the mouth of
Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing. After nine
seasons as partners, Red Bull and Renault went through a deep
crisis of confidence in 2015
, which almost resulted in a rupture only
settled at the last minute and with a change of name of the
propeller, which was renamed TAG Heuer.

But Renault, from
they confirm their entry as a constructor, has intensified the
development of its thruster units, and the fruits are beginning
to be seen. The latest evolution premiered this weekend by
Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen it is more powerful and docile, so
gives an average gain of five-tenths per lap, in
function of the characteristics of the circuit (in Monaco improvement
is reduced to two-tenths approximately).

All of this has made
Red Bull trust in a promising future without the need of
change of rider
, as well as being the only realistic option
Honda, which has not shown even the necessary capacity to
get the confidence of the teams head.

The relationship between us and Renault has grown, should be a formality to extend the relationship

Renault already showed
some weeks ago his willingness to continue with Red Bull in
2017 and now Christian Horner qualifies the extension of the agreement as
“mere formality”, highlighting how much they have improved
relations in recent times. “The relationship between us and
Renault has grown, and it should be a formality to extend the
relationship in the near future”
, yes, under the denomination of
TAG Heuer. “I Think it works very well, I don’t see reasons for that
we should change”
, says Horner. “Renault gets its
identity through the factory team, and they are happy with TAG
by having an identity as a thrust unit. It also works
for TAG, for Red Bull, everyone is happy”

the signing of The agreement
should rubricarse before the summer, at which time Red Bull
you need to discuss with TAG Heuer. “The first thing we need to do is
finalize our agreement on the thruster unit of the next
years and, then, of course, will be the time to sit down to talk
with the people TAG. But we have a multi-year agreement with

noticeable Improvement

Crhistian Horner is
has shown “caught” with the performance of the new engine,
according to him, “it’s helping, definitely. it is one of
the circuits less sensitive to the power, but of course, all
what you can get is gratefully received. The versatility of the
engine is good, is giving them what they expected, and with the development
who comes in his way, is really encouraging,”
, admitted Horner.

Renault has employed three tokens more in this latest evolution
that was proven in the test of Montmeló and that, given the success, is
brought to Monaco for two cars instead of waiting for Canada, as
the initial plan recommended. The French brand has still 21
, a figure that is well above the six, eleven and fourteen
that Ferrari, Mercedes and Honda respectively.