Red Bull will intervene if it detects a situation similar to the one experienced in Baku


Although the voltage generated in Baku on the occasion of the incident starred by Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo during the celebration of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan has already sent, it was logical to think that there would be consequences in the bosom of Red Bull.

this has been confirmed by Helmut Marko, although he maintains that the team will continue giving freedom to their pilots, it also anticipates that these will be controlled if Red Bull believes that it will exceed in its mode of attacking or defending position. “we’ll leave Them freedom. However, in the future we will tell the engineers career will have to involve when we see that the intensity starts to grow again. Both have spoken, there is no grudge. It is not necessary to talk more of this, it is a closed chapter”, said the austrian in statements to Auto Bild.

The personal adviser to Dietrich Mateschitz and responsible for the programme of pilots of Red Bull says that both maintain a very good relationship, and your situation is not comparable to that of other couples who have had problems on the track in the past. Ricciardo and Verstappen, in fact, get along very well. It was not the case of Vettel and Webber, Senna and Prost, Hamilton and Rosberg. In Baku, the tires were picked up in temperature too late, the undercut didn’t work and it is thus that the emotions increased. Ricciardo slowed down too late, but Verstappen could have been clever, avoiding to”, said Helmut Marko about what happened in Azerbaijan.