Red Bull will issue summaries free WRC each rally


Red Bull Media House as a promoter of the WRC is determined to take a step forward, once and for all, in the dissemination of the World Championship of Rallies. Although at the present time the amateur can follow a few stretches in direct the app WRC+ and the different channels that have the rights of the competition, ahead of the season 2017 it is expected that fans will have another way to continue the World. However, Red Bull is preparing a new model of summaries that will consist of three live programs, one for each stage of each rally.

Though Red Bull wasted no time in removing the statement from his page of newspapers, the companions of ‘’ were able to access the information in this press release in which it explained that Red Bull TV will totally free a program of approximately 20 or 30 minutes on Friday night and Saturday, at 22 hours CET, with the summary of the day and images in a exclusive, in addition to a small section of news recorded in the service park. For his part, on the night of Sunday and at the same time you will issue a summary broader of all the test with a duration of 30 or 40 minutes.

all in all, the great attraction of this new proposal of Red Bull is the program of 75 minutes to be performed on the day of Saturday at noon and that included a stretch in direct, with cameras on the stages and cameras on board, to which are added various reports. The issuance of all of the programs to which we have referred will be of free access through your computer, mobile devices or Smart TV. And in addition, in each rally there will be a guest commentator, in the case of the Monte carlo Rally, the ex-pilot of Formula 1 and the World of Resistance Mark Webber.