Red Bull will mount Renault engines renowned TAG Heurer

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

Red Bull and ends with his crisis engine for the time being and as it is imagined to be mounted Renault engines, but not use the brand name gala, but will be called TAG Heurer. These engines will be manufactured by Renault and baptized thanks to the watch brand that has gone from McLaren, and ended up sponsoring the Red Bull team for the season 2016.

Red Bull made the announcement in the social networks and the new team will be named Red Bull Racing-TAG Heurer. The car of the year that comes will be for both the Red Bull Racing-TAG Heurer RB12. The agreement signed with TAG Heurer is a multi-year, starting in 2016 to stay with the team of energy drinks a few years ago. This association has not liked it too much to McLaren, that looks like another one of their sponsors is running…

Red Bull GP Estados UnidosHorner confirmed that it took 4 designs of chassis at the same time for the next year, this has already ended, you may now focus on a chassis and develop better. The objective of this parallel design was to begin with the design of the car in the next year, the RB12, before you know it the engine montarían, therefore, were carrying out a design for the Honda engine, a design for the engine Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

despite this great work, the firm ensures that they will be ready for the preseason test. In addition, Hohner also has confirmed the technical alliance with Ilmor for the development of the units of Renault. Hohner ensures that “we’re Also pleased to see that Renault confirmed its long term commitment to F1 and I would like to thank you for your contribution to the team since 2007. Its technical partnership with Ilmor gives us confidence and we are looking forward to the season 2016.“.