Refuel in Aragón is more expensive in 2016, due to taxes


To date, came out has to stop to refuel in Aragon

The Government of Aragón will be the 2.4 cents per litre with each refuel of gas. The diesel is not taxed in the form of agricultural, and the carriers and professionals will be able to request the return later, in particular other a 2.4 cents per litre. it Is expected to raise € 18 million per year for this concept.

Aragon had chosen not to apply the tax to retail sales of certain hydrocarbons (IVMDH) since 2002, known as the “céntimo sanitario”. In the last legislature, the IVMDH was integrated within the tax to the hydrocarbons (IEH) to comply with the european legislation.

The measure can be counterproductive, according Cepyme, as drivers will no longer as interesting to refuel in Aragon, and apurarán more deposits until the destination. Might get lost a collection of 21 million euros per year. This happened in the past in Navarre (corrected) and in Castilla y León.

alternative fuels, such as the LPG and the CNG, are exempt from such taxes until 2023, so that the price increase will not move to the drivers.