Registrations of new cars grow in January 12%

SEAT León SCAt the end of the month of January, we already have the first data of new registrations of cars in the Spanish market relating to 2016. The month of January has closed with a 12% increase compared to the same month of 2015, with a total of 76.395 units. Since 2008 he had not registered a the month of January with such good results.

41.617 units of total enrolments, a 54.4 per cent, correspond to the individuals, that with respect to 2015 have only grown 1.5%. Companies with 23.128 enrollment if they have grown significantly in 25.2%. This month of January greatest rise has been experienced in the channel of the alquiladoras, although by volume with 11.650 units is the least important, grows nothing less than 34.7%.

Prueba Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

According to the mix of sales, this month of January is good for gasoline cars and hybrid and electric if we compare it with 2015. Diesels have gotten a majority share of the 61.3% of enrolments, but the gasoline has grown to 35.7% while the hybrid and electric get a 3%, a historical record. Asturias, Balearic islands, Cantabria and galicia have experienced declines in enrollments of between 2 and 4.1 per cent, while the Valencian Community and La Rioja have grown by 22 and 20.8% with respect to January of 2015.

brands, Opel has proclaimed winner this month, placing in addition to three models in the Top 10 (Astra, Corsa and Mokka). Volkswagen drops to second position with the Golf and Polo in the list, while SEAT, with the SEAT Leon as a best-selling model, is in seventh position among the brands, with a month with low sales for the Ibiza. Audi achieved a fourth place, Toyota one-eighth and BMW a ninth.

prueba-peugeot-308-sw-familiar-3Top 10 brands January 2016:

  • Opel: 7.259
  • Volkswagen: 6.630
  • Peugeot: 5.521
  • Audi: 4.688
  • Citroën: 4.538
  • Renault: 4.462
  • SEAT: 4.284
  • Toyota: 4.239
  • BMW: 3.742
  • Ford: 3.725

Top 10 models January 2016:

  • SEAT Leon: 2.483
  • Volkswagen Golf: 2.081
  • Peugeot 308: 1.658
  • Opel Astra: 1.630
  • Opel Corsa: 1.574
  • Toyota Auris: 1.541
  • Audi A3: Are 1,508
  • Volkswagen Polo: 1.494
  • Nissan Qashqai: 1.461
  • Opel Mokka: 1.391

Source – Aniacam