Registrations of passenger cars in April: the diesel returns to be below the 50 %

We are at the beginning of the month and, as always, you bring the data of registrations of passenger cars at the national level in the previous month. During the month of April have been registered in Spain to a total of 101.375 cars, representing a slight growth of 1.1 % with respect to April 2016. This sudden drop in enrollment is due to the lower number of working days during the past month with the occasion of the Holy Week, something that they warn you 30 days ago.

Despite the fact that we have not found any negative numbers in the sales of passenger cars total, it is important to note that the channel special but has seen reduced its market, with a decline of 14.4 %. The increased demand for vehicles on the part of the companies alquiladoras of vehicles has saved the month with a increase of 35.8 % in comparison with April of 2016. rent a car have acquired more vehicles for preparing your fleet, precisely, to the tourism of Holy Week. The channel companies growing in a 3,7 %.

Concesionario Mercedes-Benz en Muchich

lack of plans to help to the purchase of new vehicles, as well as the still lack of resources economic a good part of the population, has made the sales to individuals become stagnant in the last few months. If we compare the records of the first four months of 2016 with the same period of 2017 we see that the growth in this channel in particular has barely increased 1.1 %, registering in 2017 a total of 191.208 enrolments.

In general, in Spain have been enrolled from day 1 of January to the 30 of April a total 409.286 cars, growing by 6.1 % compared with 2016.

The best-selling brands

Seat Ateca FR

five brands of cars most sold in April 2017 have been Seat (with 10.494 units), Peugeot (8.088), Opel (7.537), Volkswagen (7.459) and Renault (6.861). If we take a look at the firms automobile most sold in Spain in these first four months we find Seat (34.834 units), Opel (32.627), Volkswagen (31.170), Peugeot (28.668) and Renault (27.151).

The top-selling cars

Volkswagen Golf GTI Auto Show Nueva York

Leaving to one side the marks, and passing to the models, during the past month the cars were enrolled were the Seat Ibiza (4.984), Seat Leon (3.723), Opel Corsa (3.147), the range Citroën C4 (2.783) and Volkswagen Golf (2.461). In the accumulated of this first quarter we find the Seat Ibiza (14.073), Seat Leon (12.737), Opel Corsa (11.405), the range Citroën C4 (10.989) and Volkswagen Polo (10.124).

Sales as fuels

Prueba Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi 4x2 200 CV

The past month we sorprendíamos because, for the first time in many years, the diesel had a market share of less than 50 %. has This month repeated, find that the customers we realize that the same is not as cost effective to buy a car diesel today. In April, the market share of cars diesel has returned to represent 49.9 %, leaving the from 46.1 % to gasoline cars and the remaining 4% to the hybrid and electric vehicles. We expect this trend to go by keeping.

– Source ANFAC