Rejection of the separate motor, it seeks a solution!


┬íNot to the independent motor! That is the resolution that has been reached at the last meeting of the Commission of the Formula 1 meeting in Paris this Tuesday. As was predictable, the proposal is harmonious of Jean Todt (FIA) and Berni Ecclestone has not received sufficient support how to get ahead, at least for the moment. Despite the existence of a competition for tenders launched by the FIA in which it has been registered Ilmor, AER and Mecachrome, the teams in the F1 World have rejected the deployment V8 Biturbo ‘low-cost’ from 2017.

According to Helmut Uhl in ‘Bild’, the engine of low cost would have been rejected by the great majority. Mercedes, Renault and Honda were the most belligerent against the proposal of the motor is ‘low cost’, while Sauber also voted against it. For its part, Ferrari would be trying to change the type of motors to use after to show their rejection against the engines fitted, as this model engines with a limited cost of six or seven million euros committed beyond its benefits as a motorist. The brand of Maranello want to engines of larger displacement, more sound and less complex.


This negative majority to the engine independent from 2017 to draw a new prism not only for Red Bull and Toro Roso, but for the teams more modest that it hoped to be able to have engines cheaper and adjust their budgets relative to the strongest teams in the category. In the case of a team of Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull returns to be between the sword and the wall without a long-term bet for a power-drive concrete. For its part, the teams with the most humble will not have an alternative option to the actuares engines, with approximate costs of 25 million euros per season.

This refusal is not conclusive and in the World Council of FIA on the 2 December, will undertake the discussion on this twin-turbo V6 ‘low-cost’. The manufacturers and the FIA must submit an alternative proposal before 15 January that you get to ensure a supply of power units to all teams. The thrusters could be simple to a technical level and therefore cheaper. Without convincing proposition, the choice of the FIA and Ecclestone can come out to the fore.