Remember, all children shorter than 1.35 meters must travel in the back seat

On October 1 come into force last modified Rules of the road. One of the modified provisions is Article 117. As we told you, all under less than 1.35 meters height must necessarily travel in the back seat car. From October 1, all vehicles traveling in less must meet this standard, and its failure could end the immobilized vehicle by the security forces. We remind all the details after the jump.

Always in the back seat

All studies show that it is safer for a child traveling in the back seat.

The reasons given by the DGT to change the legal system in this regard focus on child safety in case of accidents . They cite several studies conducted in the United States and Australia, which show that children under four years are twice as likely to die in a crash if they are seated in the front seat, and four times more likely in the case of minor one year, even using child restraints appropriate to their size and weight.

Kia_Sportage-mdm-00066 The updated standard requires all but measuring less than 1.35 meters to ride in the back seat, in addition to use a child restraint system appropriate to their size. The DGT recommends the use of child restraints until the child exceeds 1.50 meters , and recommends changing the seat for the larger child when the head protruding above backup. There is only three exceptions that allow a child fish smaller than 1.35 meters ride in the front seat:

-The vehicle does not have rear seats, as in the case of a sporty two-seater.
-The Rear seats are already occupied by others under the same characteristics.
Do not be physically possible to install on those rear seats all child restraints.

The DGT could fine us with 200 euros and the withdrawal of three points of the card if you travel with children in our vehicle we fail this standard. The arm of the law reaches allows the agent to hold the vehicle this offense. Right now begin an information campaign to raise awareness and monitoring drivers of this standard mandatory. A rule that detaches the age of the child’s height in order to improve road safety in our vehicles smaller.

Source: DGT
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Your children are 1.35 meters tall, or less? Then they can not travel in the front seats

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