Remember it well: Audi Car-to-X, a system that too within a few years


In a future, not only the box will be virtual, but the inner

The connectivity is now one of the points with more development on the car. The technology that a few years ago we could not even imagine has become ordinary, and this is just the beginning. CES 2016 has witnessed great presentations in this field, with some ideas really, really brilliant as the Audi Car-to-X that aims to save the ever-annoying stops in the traffic lights.

there is No doubt that Audi is one of the pioneering companies in the development of systems for driving assistance. Your Audi Virtual Cockpit is being copied by the rest of the competitors, but the German brand is not plant there, because it will continue developing an idea he has in mind from some years ago: do everything inside the virtual.

The appearance, or better said, the use of cameras and sensors in cars have allowed that to day of today it is they who handle much of the driving, putting themselves at the service of the driver and helping in whatever way is possible. Now focus more on security but with the passing of the years their collaboration has extended to more fields.


The Audi Virtual Cockpit will remain the basis of future developments of Audi

it Is here where it appears the Audi Car-to-X. The information services of traffic signals and incident will be the future and not so future models of the Audi, active members of a network of communication and connection. A server will collect, analyze and store critical data to the driver, such as speed limits or locations dangerous. Areas where the firm may be complicated, or where there has been a accident.

All of this taken out of the mobile phone network. But beyond this system there is one that is particularly useful in the city. The service of online information of traffic lights. The car connects, via mobile, to the central computer of the traffic that controls the traffic lights. The computer analyzes the data and informs us about the proper speed to get to the next traffic light just when it turns green.

A great idea that will not only be comfortable, but it will also save time on commuting and avoid the ever annoying traffic jams. Is only a part of what the cars of tomorrow will be able to do in our lives. And we must not forget that what today seems impossible, tomorrow will be real.


All the information to the driver thanks to the technology of tomorrow