Renault admits that he tried to sign Carlos Sainz


Renault and Carlos Sainz were to a step of joining forces. This was recognized by Carlos Sainz senior, and now also have confessed in the bosom of the French brand, as he explains ‘AS’ in your web portal. According to the aforementioned source, the agreement between Renault Sport and Carlos Sainz was a reality, but the emphatic position of Red Bull to keep his ward scuppered this possibility. Carlos Sainz will be at Toro Rosso in 2017 unless last-minute surprises and Renault must look for another pilot to lead your project, the role that they hoped to occupy with Sainz.

“We have made all efforts by Carlos Sainz, he wanted to, and we believe that it is a pilot large to lead a project”.

And it will not be by the efforts made by Renault Sport, as recognized by a spokesman for the team ‘AS’ during the GP of Mexico: We have made all efforts by Carlos Sainz, we wanted to and we believe that it is a pilot large to lead a project. It would have been nice to have you with us”. However, Red Bull has been pretty emphatic in this aspect despite of being part of several meetings to three bands over the last grands prix. All in all, the signature austrian has been clear, and so confesses this speaker: Red Bull not wanting to let go“.

In the team led by Christian Horner are not unrelated to the talent of its pilot, and even though their options of promotion to Red Bull are very low face-to-2018, in the structure of the energy-drink brand saved the trump card of the pilot Spanish if Daniel Ricciardo was out of the team in 2018, as did Sebastian Vettel at the end of 2014. With everything and if nothing changes this fact, Carlos Sainz will face a serious challenge to his 22 years his third season in the team Toro Rosso waiting for events. Renault knocked on his door, but the response was not the desired.