Renault Alaskan, a pick-up with which to go to the end of the world with total comfort

Renault Alaskan

Renault Alaskan, so is the new pick-up global Renault

After the implementation over the Renault Duster Oroch in Latin America, since Renault left clear its fixation by the segment pick-up. A niche market that in recent years, is experiencing strong global growth and, as a response to this demand, the French brand has unveiled its new pick-up in global betting. The new Renault Alaskan. While initially it will be sold in the main market of Latin america, we will not have to wait long to see it around these parts.

Robust. This is the term which Renault has used to describe his new pick-up. It has been designed to horse between France, Japan and Latin America. It is for this reason that, with all these influences, the Renault Alaskan expected to become a niche around the world where this type of vehicles have a certain acceptance. It is also noted that it will be available in two versions: Single and Double Cab.

The name Alaskan is inspired by the word inuit “ALASKA” that has come to mean “Great Land”. A term that evoke great expanses of wild terrain and with the that inspire adventures in nature. In its design, although Renault has sought to convey an image ruda and great character, it jumps to view different details that make reference to the latest releases of the company.

Renault Alaskan

The new pick-up Renault offers a ton of payload capacity

Has a wide calender with chrome accents, a hood line, athletic as well as the already typical logo of Renault in dimensions very important. They also make act of presence the usual daytime running lights Full-LED form “C” and a few fog lights specific. As for the wheels, we will be able to opt for a alloy wheels of 16 to 18 inches.

But leaving aside the outside, and taking a look at the images of the passenger compartment, it will be a pleasant surprise. And is that when looking for a design that offers a great comfort, have been inspired by its range of passenger cars. A cabin very spacious (also for the crew cab version) and in which we can highlight elements such as heated seats, automatic air conditioning bi-zone, numerous storage areas, or a myriad of systems and technological equipment.

For example, we will have at our disposal visibility 360 ° thanks to four cameras installed at strategic points, the navigation system touch and connected, with 7-inch screen, the access system and keyless start as well as the TFT screen 3D 5-inch in which access to vehicle data. There will also be a wide range of possibilities of connectivity for our smartphones. Bluetooth connection, CD radio and voice recognition, among other aspects.

Renault Alaskan

The section mechanic on the new Renault Alaskan will turn around at the motor inn 2.3-litre

Going to the section mechanic on the new Renault Alaskan. We can say that everything will turn around diesel engine dCi 2.3-litre. A four-cylinder engine and two turbos that can be found in other commercial vehicles of the brand as the Renault Master. Yes, it will be available in two versions: 160 and 190 HP.

For some specific markets (to be specified), the Alaskan will vary its mechanics, opting either for a gasoline engine of 2.5 liters and 160 HP or a diesel engine 2.5-liter 160 or 190 horses respectively. Depending on the engine chosen, you can opt for a gearbox six-speed manual and an automatic seven relations, as well as with a drive system of two-or four-wheel.

The driving modes that will be available will be the following: 2WD, 4H and 4LO. Detailed below are:

  • 2WD: For the driving journal by paved road to save fuel and enjoy a performance more comfortable.
  • 4H: In case of low adherence road in poor condition, or water. Can be activated at less than 60 km/h and always and when it does not overcome the 100 km/h.
  • 4LO: Hover with the vehicle stationary, in case of total loss of traction due to sand, snow, mud, etc…

Renault Alaskan - interior

The interior of new Renault Alaskan, detail

in Addition, another of the strong points of the section mechanical and technical of the Renault Alaskan is the differential with limited-slip, electronic (eLSD) and the transmission to the four-wheel-drive that makes driving more safe. In addition, to all this we must add the ABS, EBD, BA, HSA, HDC and ESP. A whole conglomeration of systems and electronic aids to driving.

it is Also important to note the suspension of the that does use this pick-up. It is a new five-link rear suspension arms and will be available for the version of the double cab because, according to Renault, greatly increases the comfort during the ride. The chassis fully closed is the fruit of collaboration between Renault-Nissan and is focused to ensure skills and off-road.

¿Where will it be manufactured? Currently, the new Renault Alaskan is already being produced in the factory of Renault in Cuernavaca (Mexico). Later the French company what will occur in their respective plants Barcelona (Spain) and in Cordoba (Argentina).