Renault Alaskan, filtering: this will be the front of the new pick-up


One of the best kept secrets by Renault will be unveiled on the 30th of June, with the official presentation of the Renault Alaskan. The new pick-up production was born as fruit of an alliance of Renault-Nissan with Mercedes, and takes very little to know in detail. In the meantime, and as often happens, the leaks do not rest.

This is the the first filtered image of the Renault Alaskan, which shows its front to the full. Will have to wait a little more to know the rest of your design, but that is a good indication that the final model of production hardly changed with respect to the Renault Alaskan Concept, the prototype prior presented in the past Frankfurt show 2015.


Renault Alaskan Concept (iaa 2015)

Grill, and headlights are virtually identical to those of the aforementioned prototype, and so is only detected a small change in your bumper: especially in its lower part, appears a new line that joins horizontally your fog lights. These, by the way, are now round, a much more conventional for a production model.

Renault Alaskan will have many similarities with one of the pick-up’s most important european market, the recent Nissan NP300 Navara. Renault will take advantage of all the experience of Nissan in the segment, using the same platform, transmission -wheel drive 2WD or 4WD – and even the diesel engine 2.3 dCi, which will be present in the Alaskan.

next Thursday, June 30 you will discover all its features and design: meanwhile, in Renault do not want to fail the expectation, by presenting various ‘teasers’ of advancement through the social networks. The Renault Alaskan for Europe, as the current NP300 Navara, will be manufactured at the plant of Nissan in Barcelona, while the model destined for South America will do the same in Argentina and Mexico.