Renault and its factories in Spain have been beaten four world records in 2016

Fábrica Renault-Nissan Palencia

Renault is one of the brands of cars that are more believed in Spain when the economy was not going well. Adjusted production, template, and made several investments that have shown that your bet for our country was winning. The arrival of the exclusive Capture, Kadjar and the new generation of the Mégane have done that factories for their assembly have improved their numbers with respect to the previous year.

The plants of Valladolid (Capture and Twizy) and Palencia (Kadjar and Mégane 5-door and Sport Tourer) have managed to increase their production in 2016, up 20 percent from last year to 2015. This assumes that have been fabricated 578.152 new cars and mark one of the records that the firm has announced. The reason is that casting numbers in 2003 were manufactured the Mégane, Modus and Clio came to assemble 547.185 cars, that is to say have now been 30.967 cars.

Renault Sevilla

second record that Renault advertised is that the factory Palencia and beaten its own record for the manufacturing year, so in 2016 has assembly 332.381 new vehicles. This figure exceeds the 288.751 units of the Mégane that occurred in the distant past of 2004, in nothing less than 43.630 units. Its growth has been driven thanks to the good operation that they are having the Kadjar and the new Mégane as the factory is currently working in four shifts daily.

however, the manufacturing of cars is not only good news for the signature of the rhombus as the third record comes from the factories that are intended for the manufacture engines and gearboxes. The engine plant has managed to manufacture 1.571.593 new engines beating in addition the record already managed to get the last year 2015. In addition, the plant in Seville for the manufacture of gearboxes, has made 1.078.660 units, marking an all-time record for the plant.

To end, the fourth record comes from the hand of the number of mechanical components exporting to third countries. From both plants (engines and gearboxes) have come out for the international markets more than 2.5 million mechanical parts. With these exports, Renault and the Alliance have been able to manufacture their cars in the five continents.

Congratulations Renault.

Source – Renault

Renault Capture
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