Renault begins work in the factory of Lotus


Photo: Renault

Although it is something that is given by fact, it is not yet official the purchase of Lotus by Renault. In fact, in the last few weeks the news about this theme is conspicuous by its absence, but the last information allows to understand that the union is already in operation. As well as publishing Autosport, where Federico Gastaldi, director of the team, has confirmed that staff from the French firm has already been in Enstone, the headquarters of Lotus, working face-to-2016. The agreement has yet to be made official (Gastaldi already stated that it could be delayed until December), but work has already begun: “there Was a series of meetings just after the Singapore Grand Prix. Several people from Renault came to the factory in Enstone and we met in that town”.

Gastaldi ensures that Renault is bringing all kinds of knowledge in order to obtain a good performance for the next season: “they Sent people to all, to help us continue the development of the car for the next year, and we’ve had people from management and marketing, in order to complete with the missing parts and keep moving”. The argentine praised his future landlord “Renault is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, and there are procedures. Have gone through the due diligence process that the board of Lotus accepted opy right now are already on board, working and pushing”.

Despite the fact that it is not official that Renault will return to be a builder and not just a biker, Gastaldi asks for patience so that the advertisement reaches: “Is a situation in progress, and I can understand that people keep asking that why it has not been done the agreement yet. The reason is that we cannot dance faster than the beat of the music. We have to have patience and go to pace with what is happening,”. Pastor Maldonado and Jolyon Palmer were announced as the pair of pilots for the championship in 2016, and Autosport published that will feature the work of Bob Bell, that comes to Renault after resigning as the technical consultant of the Manor. Bell has worked for Renault from 2001 to 2010, before moving in 2011 to Mercedes. The pieces are coming together for the return of the French as the team itself is a fact.