Renault believes that the gap of the 1000 hp it will break in 2018


One of the few official teams of the grill, Renault, expects to reach the top places as soon as possible to comply with its plan to achieve the world title in 2020.

To do this, Cyril Abiteboul asserts that it is essential to be close to top 5 this season and, to this end, one of the strong draws is a propellant of the new architecture. “Our roadmap is made, in 2020 we want to fight for the title and if we want to do so we have to be on the podium in 2018, which implies that we have to be in the middle area of the grill this year. It is not easy, but we hope to finish between the fifth and the seventh place” said the head of the team in a statement to Auto Motor und Sport.

“Our roadmap is clear; by 2020 we want to fight for the title”

Some of the qualities of the engine were already revealed by Abiteboul weeks ago and there are many hopes pinned on him, not only by the own Renault, but also on the part of the Red Bull and Toro Rosso. Both teams use a different supplier of lubricants and fuels, but Abiteboul says that there will be no problem. “The thruster unit has been developed for BP and Castrol, our partner. But we have ensured that the engine will also work with the fuel oil and ExxonMobil for Red Bull and Toro Rosso, it has not been necessary to perform extra work. The three teams will have the same engine”.

But while some analysts are encrypted to the maximum power of current engines in the 1,000 horses, Abiteboul says that it is an estimate overly optimistic and that the actual power will be slightly below. “I Think that the maximum performance will be between 900 and 950 horses in 2017. The equipment that will amount to 1,000 horses of power are perhaps too optimistic. I do not believe that even Mercedes get it. But this figure is definitely possible with the current rules, we have some concepts radicals in the chamber, but not by 2017”, revealed the French.

After the departure of Frederic Vasseur, Abiteboul has taken command of the team in an exclusive manner and the decision not to hire a substitute is given by the presence of Alan Stand and Ciaron Pilbeam, who will assume some of the obligations of Vasseur, together with the own Abiteboul. “I’ll Be in every race and I will attend the meetings of the team leaders, I will make sure that there is harmony in the group and between the factories. Alan Stand and Ciaron Pilbeam will complete the tasks on the wall. The decision to replace Vasseur was based on the fact that our current management structure is strong enough to be able to perform all of the tasks together”.