Renault Capture Wave: wave blue, and extra equipment for the “anti Nissan Juke” French

Renault launches a new special edition of the Renault Capture, the alternative of Renault at the Peugeot 2008, Nissan Juke, Fiat 500X and company. This special issue proposes to us more equipment and aesthetic elements of specific and although marketing has not yet been announced for Spain it is easy to imagine it coming soon to a price tempting.

This special edition of the Renault Capture proposes to us, aesthetically, a new tone pearly white paint contrasted by a black roof that receives a series of wavy lines in blue. These wavy lines also are present in the mirrors, and have a continuity of chromatic in your car hand in hand with the framework of the aerators or the new upholstery that you receive. If you don’t like the new white paint on your bodywork you can also choose a shade of grey or two shades of blue.

In equipment refers to the part from the finish Intens, so that we find ourselves with a good endowment of series in which there is no lack of multimedia system with touch screen and browser, the intelligent access key, climate control, bluetooth, USB socket…

The Renault Capture Wave is available with two options petrol and two diesel, with the Tec 90 horsepower and 120 horsepower and dCi with 90 and 110 horses, while both the TCe 120 horses as the dCi 90 horsepower available with the automatic change of double clutch EDC.

In France, this special edition has a starting price of 21.100 euros, assuming for the customer a savings of about 900 euros in equipment in addition to the charm of being a special edition. We’ll have to wait to see if finally we see it also in Spain and that price.


Gallery of images of the Renault Capture Wave: