Renault celebrates 60 years of the Argentina plant of Santa Isabel


In 1955 Henry Kaiser installed in the plant Santa Isabel province of Cordoba. Twenty years later, after more than 15 years of cooperation Kaiser, Renault acquired the entire shareholding, giving birth to Renault Argentina . The house of the diamond celebrates 60 years with a gallery of historic photos .


Renault-Santa-Isabel-60-aniversario F ue December 1st of March 1955 that Factory of Santa Isabel begun in the province of Cordoba , Argentina, after the American industrial producer Henry Kaiser decided to take advantage of the industrial development program launched at the time by the government of Argentina.

For its construction were imported 9000 tons of equipment from the United States, who needed 600 truck trips from Buenos Aires to Cordoba.

The construction took very little time, since Just 14 months after commencing the works left the assembly line the first unit produced , a Jeep that had as birth date on April 27 1956. That same year the plant was able to produce 2000 units.

El primer Jeep, producido en el año 1955

Mounting the first Jeep in 1956

In those years, Renault decided that was time to expand their activities to the world , which began producing outside France. This was done through agreements with industries in different countries and Argentina was just one of them.

The idea of ​​the French was to move half of its production outside France and that was how in 1959 an agreement was signed between France and Renault Industrias Kaiser , already installed and producing plant in Santa Isabel.

Since then were happening various work plans, but it was not until 1975 that Renault Argentina was born, after the French brand acquired the entire shareholding. From then on were manufactured 25 different models, with production already accumulated 2.926 million units.

Renault found no better way to celebrate 60 years of the plant , which announced a new investment plan by which they produce the Logan and Sandero on a new industrial platform that after 100 million dollar investment even leave the door open for other models incorporating the assembly line.

El primer Renault 11, en el año 1984

The first Renault 11, 1984





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