Renault Clio 2017, Skoda Kodiaq and BMW i8 S: spy photos May 2016

fotos espía de mayo 2016

The last month of may has been very movidito in spy photos refers. A month in which we have hunted for the first time major new features that will hit the market next year or at the end of this decade. We have models for all tastes, from small utilities and/or compact SUVS mid-range, up to supercars exclusive without leaving to a side the niche market of commercial vehicles from the hand of the German brand of the star.

But, better to enter into detail and go on to mention the best spy photos of cars from the past month of may of 2016. In the first place and talking about the new Audi that you have photographed our kids during this past month, the truth is that have been many and varied. We began the month with the new Audi Q5 2017, hunted for the umpteenth time. The development of the new generation is still finalizing its details, as it will be presented at the end of the year.

on the other hand, we have also photographed the new Audi Q3 2018. And although the new generation still wearing a lot of camouflage, little by little we know new details about this model will grow slightly in size to differentiate itself something more than the current Audi Q2.

fotos espía de mayo 2016

Other models of Audi that we have been able to photograph a model of purely sports. Our photographers have captured their objectives to the first mule test of the Audi RS5 2017. And to close the news of Audi, we ended up with a top model of range that we will see very soon. The new Audi A8 2017. These are the first spy photos available of this model which will hit the market in the latter part of next year, 2017.

Leaving to one side the new Audi, here are just the most important new feature of BMW in relation to the spy photos posted in the past month of may. And it’s about the future BMW i8 S. A variant of higher performance and with an extra touch of radicalism with regard to the BMW i8. It will BE presented in 2017 and will feature no less than 400 HP and a lower weight.

In regards to the new features of Porsche hunted by our photographers, there are also many and varied. For a part we have been able to take a first look at the interior of Porsche Cayenne 2018 while on the other, has left to see by Spain the new Porsche Panamera. In addition, there has also been time to scrutinize the new Porsche 911 GTS 2017. A model that will be a reality in the coming months, with a turbocharged engine.

fotos espía de mayo 2016

Now, if we have that point to one of the major developments of the past month of may in this nature, it is without doubt that the new Renault Clio 2017. A long-awaited facelift of the compact French, which will soon be a reality and will come loaded with new features. We were the first in get the hang of it and here we tell you all the news relating to this future release.

¿And Mercedes-Benz? Have there been new developments? Yes, it is. And different segments. On the one hand, we photographed the future pick-up of Mercedes-Benz, known up to date, as a Class, GLT, while we have also taken a first look at the forthcoming Mercedes Sprinter, a new generation of the well-known van German, while we have also been able to the interior of Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017.

radically Changing segment, it is also important to remember that during the past month we have been able to reveal part of the interior of the new Range Rover Sport. A long-awaited facelift for the SUV soul sport that very soon will hit the market. On the other hand, we have also been able to cast an eye to the new and long-awaited Kia GT 2018 as well as the new Jaguar F-Type 2017.

fotos espía de mayo 2016

on the other hand and continuing with the interior, these days we have also been able to cast an eye to the interior of Honda Civic 2017 as well as the interior of the Opel Meriva 2017. Two models this past month have been allowed to see by our photos section spy.

Another important novelty has been the spy photos of the Alfa romeo Stelvio. A model that we have hunted during a test session at the Nürburgring. And to finish, we have also been able to “lay a glove” on the new Skoda Kodiaq 2017, the new SUV seven-seater Skoda that will share the assembly line with the SEAT Ateca. And speaking of SEAT, we’ve also posted a few images that make reference to the future B-SUV SEAT. In particular, we hunted a mule testing such a model on a Volkswagen Golf.