Renault Clio in its fourth generation

Renault can not not afford to forget the successor to the legendary Renault 5. They Renault Clio returns for its fourth generation with interesting innovations in design, engine technology.

The presentation of this fourth generation is planned for September. Laurens van den Acker has much to say on redesigned the upcoming Renault Clio.

El Renault Clio en su cuarta generacion

Since its launch, the new Renault Clio has only a five-door body with attractive coupe profile. Its front, around the logo of the brand, which extends over dark grille flanked by two advanced headlights.

The customize the interior is one of the characteristics of the models of the fourth generation of this little star of French brand. From colors to wheel types, through the side skirts are available for those who want to take the step of buying one of the new Renault Clio .

They engines available given new Clio premiere thrusters Energy . One will be a TCe 90 hp and a more than moderate consumption: 4.3 l. The second engine to be selected is an Energy dCi 90 hp, 3.2 liter consumption. These low fuel consumption figures would not have been possible without the Start-Stop system, offered as standard.

Through Touchscreen R-Link can display important information vehicle and connected mobile devices such as tablets.

El Renault Clio en su cuarta generacion.

is expected Paris Salon 2013 hosts presentation of one of the cars best commercial future and criticism of the season. But its new design, its so different from its predecessors forms, perhaps astonished to more than one. The back, with its pilots straight out to the side, will be just one of the details that distinguish the new models of one of the little store : Renault Clio .

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