Renault completes the purchase of the Lotus F1 Team is paying your debt

Renault F1 2010This morning has formalized the purchase of Lotus by Renault before the Supreme Court of London. The team Renault F1, which may be a reality in 2016, after many rumors and the secret that has led this movement, there was only an official confirmation. Now we already know that at the beginning of November they came to an agreement that the mark gala is to stay with all the infrastructure of Enstone and has been finalized today legally.

The brand of diamond, has bought team Lotus, now powered by Mercedes to be able to return as a team to F1. Not only will be a supplier of engines, but next to Ferrari and Mercedes, will have its own team. And have come back with the that would be in your time team Renault F1 becoming Lotus after the “withdrawal” of the French. The debts of Lotus have been the main culprits for the delay of this announcement, since that amounted to about 3.7 million euros.

Romain Gsrojean en Lotus F1Renault made the payment of the debts last week, finalizing this issue and allowing the signature to the Court. Matthew Carter, the chief executive of Lotus has been reported as has been the covenant: “Everything has gone as expected and everything is already completed. Payments to our debtors, were performed at the end of last week. So today, it was just an exercise protocol.“. And the lawyers of the firm Renault have confirmed that “Have the keys so to speak.“.

Now remains to be seen if they stay with the current pilots and personnel or make any change. For his part, Lotus has made an official statement. on Friday 18 December, the Renault Group and Gravity Motorsport S. a.rl (a subsidiary of Genii Capital SA), completed the acquisition by the Group Renault team Lotus F1 Team. The new name of the team, the partners, and a directive would clarify at a meeting to be held in February in Paris. The technical group is making an effort to be able to have the new car ready for the test in Barcelona at the end of February.