Renault considered a sedan and a SUV based on the Kwid

The CPM-A modular platform that uses the new Renault Kwid serve to give life to a family of models including a sedan, an SUV and a minivan 7 seats, among others.


renault-kwid E n an interview with the daily Economic Times Renault vice president for Africa, India and East Mediio Bernard Cambier noted that platform CPM-A used to give life to the recently introduced Kwid be the basis for the development of up to 7 different body variants .

The Renault Kwid was officially launched in India last week, with a price that promises to transform it into a major player in that market, where the French manufacturer aims to reinvent itself. The Kwid must be measured against other players weight, such as are the Maruti Alto and Hyundai Eon, but not alone, because Cambier said are working on developing new products, based on the same architecture .

a sedan, an SUV and a minivan based on the agenda Kwid Renault.

Of course, everything will depend on the success of Kwid, but the diamond mark bet on a series of new products that will make the modular platform architecture CPM-A , to give life to sedan , a compact SUV and a minivan 7 seats .

But as Renault aims to have a presence not only in the lowest segment, but also to get equipped and offer more expensive products.

The commitment of Renault for these new products to India is huge, considering that participation in the local market is now only 2% . For now aspire to the Kwid to become the vehicle to help flagging sales of the brand and it’s the springboard for the development of derivatives.

Renault’s intentions are those of increase their market share to five percent by the year 2017 . India still does not figure among the top 10 global markets for the brand and that’s where aspire to take in the coming years, while by 2020 expect to have a complete family of products , thanks to the use of the new architecture and integration of local parts very close to 100%, will only improve profitability.

And this strategy not only impact the Indian market but also in South America, since in a short time but the Kwid will be produced in Brazil , which leave the door open for the production of its derivatives . However, at least for now, these product will not reach Europe even under the Dacia brand.


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