Renault considers his return to Formula 1 with its own team


Renault-F1 R enault has a long history in Formula 1, but while kept his own team until 2010, currently only part of the category as engine supplier for Red Bull.

But the team-based Milton Keynes , England might be considering leaving Renault by another manufacturer, in view of the poor results obtained with French powerplants last season. Some say that Red Bull Racing could even develop their own drivers.

Given this situation and in accordance with recently entered into by Autosport, the possibility of Renault arises re-enter Formula 1 with itself team, but to facilitate the task, evaluate the possibility to acquire any of the existing equipment.

The last return Renault was after taking over the team Benetton in 2002, which assured the French manufacturer a chance to win two world titles in seasons 2005 and 2006 Hand Italian Flavio Briatore as athletic director and the Spaniard Braking Alonso.

Later the team was weakened until Renault sold the team in 2011 to Genii Capital based in Luxembourg, who have since taken the team forward under the name Lotus.

Already under the flags of Lotus, continued using the thrusters supplied by Renault, until they were replaced by the unbeatable Mercedes engines.

After the departure of Caterham Red Bull became the only customer of Renault , for her two twins teams, RBR and Scuderia Toro Rosso and it is precisely this fact that seems to be driving a Renault to jump to advance once more his own team.

These are the possibilities for Renault, from reacquire Lotus to strengthen ties with Red Bull Racing, either buying or acquiring some Toro Rosso , although there the possibility of acquiring any of the equipment funding problems as Force India or Sauber or even back to life Caterham or Marussia .


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