Renault continues to roll with the MGU-K 2016


Thierry Koskas, executive vice president of sales and marketing, along with Jérôme Stoll, president of Renault, chatting during the GP of Spain.

Renault has begun to demonstrate what it is capable, with a Nico Hülkenberg very consistent in the last three Big Awards, within the top ten with a pace enviable by the components of the adjusted middle area of the grill.

adjustments to continue in the team of the diamond: developments internal to the that you will still have to adapt with the pace of the races, while, in the section of the mechanics, it’s Jolyon Palmer still has work to do. The time on the track lost by their driving errors and, in particular, which has not been able to take advantage of because of failures of reliability in its RS17, leave a british pilot something played in this start of the season.

To make matters worse, the French tested a new MGU-K in the test winter of pre-season, but problems with the fragility of the component forced them to return to the unity of 2016. The weight savings that had been achieved after the development of this new element would be parked by inconsistency. The head of the engine of Renault has made a few statements on the issue, shortly after confirmed that the new part revised in the beginning debut in Russia finally make it in the Grand Prix of Canada: “we wrapped up the preseason with a new generation of MGU-K, and we see that the concept was not prepared to withstand the conditions of a race. The possible advantage that offers us is more related with the weight that with the supposed benefits of performance directly on the Power Unit”.

“we will Implement this new generation of MGU-K when you fit in our program of the Power Unit. In terms of the improvement of the overall performance, we are working in every area of the car, so that theoretically improvement with the new specification is only a small part of the whole equation”, said Rémi Taffin. The battle for evolution, both in the section of the propeller as in aerodynamics, it will be crucial to GP to GP. Each circuit will affect you differently each car, and the degree of adaptation that achieve the teams, decisive. “we Knew that it would be a beginning of a difficult year, the test confirmed, but after 5 Great Prizes we have finished all the races without any problem. In Spain we were able to get more out of the Power Unit in classification”

there is no longer tokens, we can develop the car in a different way