Renault could lead to Dokker in Argentina


They say the Renault Dokker would be the third model to incorporate into its production plant Santa Isabel in Argentina . It is based on the same M0 using the platform Logan and Sandero.


Renault-Dokker H ace just a few days Renault announced an investment plan designed to bring the facilities of its Santa Isabel plant in Argentina , in order to manufacture locally for Logan and Sandero.

The assembly lines will be adapted to produce the second generation products derived from Dacia, which until now were produced in Brazil for the entire region. Both products are based on platform M0 and when making investment announcement Renault Argentina left open the possibility of adding A third model at a later stage .

Rumors suggest that third model is the Renault Dokker, a utility that hit the market as a replacement for veteran Kangoo, a product that the company produces in Argentina virtually unchanged and on the same platform since 1998 .

The Kangoo received a facelift in the Argentine market a few months ago, developed under the internal code Kangoo VLL, as a palliative to the denial by the parent company to produce a new generation of Kangoo based Megane III , given their high manufacturing costs.

But the Dokker shares many structural and mechanical elements with the Logan and Sandero, which would allow for production costs much more chords to depressed Argentine market.





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