Renault could take advantage of the crisis with Red Bull

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

The crisis between Renault and Red Bull could be interrupted to continue working together due to the bad situation in the team of energy drinks in the face to find a different engine for 2016. Not find engine soon, its exit from F1 would make reality, something that lead to threaten over a period of time. What is more likely is that there is a “reconciliation” with Renault to continue driving the team and can keep on the grill until you find a better solution.

The latest speculations say that Red Bull could use the engine block from Renault without the hybrid drive that should develop the own technicians of the Red Bull team. Ilmor and AVL are two names that have rung with the force for the independent development that should make Red Bull without the help of Renault in this sense. But for the moment are only rumors and lack of official confirmation that it should not take too much, whatever it is, given the height of the season we are in.

Red Bull GP Estados Unidosto benefit The most could be Renault, that keeping a customer that you sell the engine, next to your team’s own if it eventually completes the purchase of Lotus (everything seems to indicate that will be the case). In addition, Renault could take advantage of the desperate situation into which it has been submerged in Red Bull and charge you more for the motors while reducing the income of the great sponsors (Infinity and Total would pay less for their sponsorship) in the team led by Horner.

That on the other hand benefits from Renault’s F1 future team after the purchase of Lotus, since these sponsors could invest more in it, and finally cease all sponsorship with Red Bull in 2017, when it expires the contract. Red Bull, on the other hand, has not yet decided which will be, perhaps you could activate one of these advertising campaigns in which the signature is very good and not to use the brand Renault for their engines, but that could use your own brand Energy (such as its Energy Station) according to a source close.