Renault denies categorically its involvement in the case #Dieselgate


Renault returns to disprove that their vehicles will distort the testing of emissions of NOx

This morning despert√°bamos with another piece of news regarding the scandal Volkswagen. Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), an NGO for environmental protection, published the results of some tests carried out in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences of Bern. Such evidence demonstrated a few high levels of NOx emissions in the new Renault Espace.

an hour Ago poor Renault defends himself of the accusations expressed by the association Umwelthilfe. The manufacturer reiterates that the Renault Espace and the rest of their vehicles comply with the emission standard applicable. Your argument lies in that the testing procedures carried out at the University of Berne are not compatible with the european regulations and therefore, the results are not conclusive.

The study made several tests on a Renault Espace engine 1.6 dCi (R9M) of a little over 12,000 km of shooting. The tests were performed both with a roller as with the two, both with the engine cold and hot. The results obtained showed some figures that exceeded up to 25 times the limit, coming to break the barrier of 2,000 milligrams per kilometre travelled.

The famous Dieselgate Volkswagen has created a aura of uncertainty on all engines which burn this fuel. The trail of accusations towards the manufacturers and the extensive testing of this witch hunt does not appear to terminate in the short term.