Renault developed an autonomous system able to dodge cars and pedestrians

This Renault Zoe has the ability of avoiding obstacles with the same speed and effectiveness as a professional pilot. This technology will be part of your future driving systems autonomous.

Ornot the challenges that the Renault-Nissan Alliance ahead, is related to the development of new technologies for driving autonomous, which will form part of the models of its various brands in a little time more.

To this end, the group possesses a specialized center situated in Silicon Valley, California, which is called Renault Open Innovation Lab. There developed this new driving system autonomous, that has features never before seen, which has the capacity of evasion of obstacles.

This group of experts of the Alliance Renault-Nissan, studies how to improve the security technology that will set up the models of the group in the future and the driving systems autonomous are the key in this field. This new system of evasion of obstacles which have been named “Callie”, has taken as its starting point the experience accumulated by a team of professional pilots and will form part of the endowment of security that will ride the upcoming Renault and Nissan have driving systems, autonomous advanced.

engineers have been assembled in a Renault Zoe this new wizard to the driving which is still in the experimental phase, to demonstrate the qualities of this new technology. Renault-Nissan expects this and other technologies currently in development, to achieve driving systems to fully autonomous, they release the driver of the necessity of refocusing the senses in the driving, such as occurs with the current driving systems autonomous.

The video is eloquent and we can watch “Callie” manages to evade obstacles, whether vehicles or pedestrians, with the same reflexes, the same speed and effectiveness as a professional pilot. Although the system is still in development, this new system is a further step in the goal path by Renault to achieve the driving autonomously, which will include more than 15 models of Renault from here to 2022.