Renault does not matter that Alonso run with the Toyota

Zak Brown has been talking about the current season and the expectations we have for the next and also has made it clear some issues on Fernado beyond F1. Brown has stressed again that the MCL32 had a good chassis to the height of the Red Bull, in addition to believes that in some circuits I could win the energy drinks and in others would be overwhelmed by these if they had the same engine mounted in the back, something that will be in F1 in 2018.

But in addition to this he has spoken about the contract of Alonso, claiming that he would love Fernando to stay until the end of his career with McLaren. He has also said that “With luck, we will fight for podiums. Do it for the highest place will be difficult, because Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are big teams with big budgets.“. He added that the car will not look the same this year in terms of the absence of logos of sponsors “The car will not have the look you had this year. With Renault winning races, people expect us all to be in front again. There is No doubt that has helped us, commercially.“.

in Addition to that, Zak has been reviewed what happened with Honda, and alleges that they already knew that something was not going well from the preseason, and it was shortly after when they took the decision to cut with Honda but did not materialize until some time later. Specifically, two weeks later than the optimum to begin with the design of the new car MCL33 adapting the car to the new Renault engine. However, his colleague on board, Eric Boullier ensures that almost have these two weeks recovered although they go a bit to the limit, but that working around the clock to solve the lack of time. Zak has also said that they already have “some French friends working” in Woking…

Moreover, it appears that McLaren does not rule out work in the future with Honda, despite what happened…do you refer to F1 or Indy? Don’t know it yet, but what we do know is that you have followed with Honda that Alonso was up to a LMP1 Toyota would be unthinkable. However, Renault do not care, they do not compete at Le Mans and have not objected: “We have talked with them and they would be sane.“. He has also said that soon will take a decision on whether Alonso goes or not to Le Mans in 2018, and of course we will know more details about the 24 hours of Daytona which will run in January.

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