Renault does not start with the right foot and move away from the 'top ten'


Renault was not as competitive this weekend as I had demonstrated in the recent Large Awards. Neither of the two pilots of the team the diamond was able to put a foot in the last batch of the rating, complicated as well his attack in the race tomorrow.

“I Am satisfied with eleventh position”, said Nico Hülkenberg. Since achieving a sixth place in the Spanish Grand Prix, the German has suffered two retirements in Monaco and Azerbaijan, while that in Canada was able to cross the goal line with four points in the pocket. “I was able to complete a good lap at the end of Q2, and was fun to fight for the last few thousandths”.

The RS17 continues with their stage of long-term development, such that the team is restructured to be able to return to the top as in 2005 and 2006 with Fernando Alonso next year. The updates in the power unit of the French focus on the season at 2018, with the goal of learning as much as possible in the course of the year.

“Tomorrow will be a tough race, but we will be able to choose the tire that out. It has been a great job by the team”. The game that allow for different strategies in regard to the tires will lead to a battle in the distance, with the last positions that give points sought after by a large group of riders of different teams.


Both pilots are entrusted to the possible rain that might get in the race.

Jolyon Palmer, in contrast, was not able to get so close to the ten men faster today. Next to the low pace shown by the Williams, Palmer continues her torment of bad results in this season, and will start from the 16th position.

I Hope that we can get into the points tomorrow

“I Knew that we were going to suffer in the classification”, confessed to the british. “The car behaves better, and the performance is good this weekend, so it is a pity that we could not rengancharnos in the end, despite the fact that we progressed in general”. The mechanics won’t be accompanied by, but when everything depends on him, the thing does not change too much. “I Hope we have a good start and we can get into the points tomorrow”. His best position in the race has been the 11th, in Monaco and Canada, but his partner has been the only one who has achieved points for Renault.