Renault explains the electrical failure of McLaren and Red Bull


during the day of Tuesday, the fifth of the preseason test, both McLaren as Red Bull suffered electrical problems related to the batteries of the energy recovery system of the propellant Renault.

Bob Bell, technical director of the French brand, has talked about what happened yesterday, especially in the case of McLaren led to a little filming at the track. “I don’t think that the problems we have had are related to the installation of the battery. We (the official team of Renault) we have not had any problems with it, but what we do face-to-Melbourne is to test all systems of the battery to make sure that all the stock for competition is in good condition. That is why it is not unusual to find problems”.

Nico Hülkenberg had small issues during the morning with the Renault RS.18, but Carlos Sainz was able to complete a race simulation and getting to the 93 laps, which the team official has not suffered up to the time of the failures that they have experienced the client computers.


Red Bull suffered the same problem that McLaren in the afternoon, with Max Verstappen.

despite this, Bob Bell stated that the failure could have arisen also in your car, and that for that reason we test all of the components that later will be used during the season. “These problems we could have affected any of the three teams, so obviously it is a problem for us. But it is the reason why we do a test of the components, to find these problems Is the right thing, we have found some of them that are not suitable for our purpose and that’s great”, ” he said.

We have found some faults that are not suitable for our purpose and that’s great

This year, the legislation is particularly demanding, because, although it may be used three combustion engines, three MGU-H and three turbos, you can only have two MGU-K, two ecus and electronic two battery systems. “By regulation, each driver has at its disposal two units per year (battery-powered), which have been designed to do. It is a cycle of life very demanding and the importance of making sure that there will be no problems is critical,”, said Bob Bell about it.