Renault F1 presents its RS16, single-seater for 2016

Frontal del RS16 de Renault F1Renault F1 has been quick to present its RS16, the weapon they will use to compete in the season 2016 Formula 1. Despite the fact that we expected to be yellow, have surprised us with a few colors that seem to have reminiscences of the old team Lotus, as it is covered in black color, with some details in yellow and white. However, this would not be the decoration final and could change the face of the first GP of the season, the Australia.

Jerome Stoll has been suggested that the color of the car is not final and could change the decor in the GP of Australia. So if it is true, is that unexpectedly, have presented the RS16, becoming the first car of 2016 that we see. The presentation event has happened in Technocentre Renault, where he has invited the media to see the new car and where they have also presented to their riders and to their staff for the team.

Renault F1 Kevin Magnussen, Joylon Palmer y Esteban OconStoll has said, when you have uncovered the car, that “This car is the one that will be in Barcelona in two weeks. What will be the black in Melbourne? Guess.“. Leaving to see a possible change of color, perhaps yellow as in the past. In fact, Carmen Jordá, the pilot has been renewed, said that the new car of Renault F1 would be yellow. Well be that as it may, the least important is the color of the car.

in Addition to the decoration, lets see the sponsor’s Full and Infinity, which loses Red Bull, EMC and Microsoft that are kept in the was Lotus, and the arrival of Jack&Jones that brings Kevin Magnussen with his arrival, among others. Now remains to be seen how it will work the RS16 in the tests in Barcelona and see where they can be, as Lotus, in spite of its Mercedes engine, could not be much better in 2014 with a Renault engine, now should not have financial problems and should be somewhat better positioned (at the expense of seeing how much you have improved the Renault engine).