Renault gives explanations and defends his innocence

Renault recently, we have known the news that the shares of Renault fell by more than 20% due to suspicions of a fraud of emissions similar to the scandal Diesegate of the Volkswagen Group. The French authorities carried out a series of records at the headquarters of Renault that have been made to bypass the alarms. Renault was not slow in publishing a press release in which he explains the situation and maintains that all of their vehicles comply with emission regulations.

Renault has explained how after the scandal broke Volkswagen, France created the Commission Royal to investigate if the manufacturers of French cars had installed devices to falsify emission. Within these actions, we are testing more than 100 vehicles, 25 of them with Renault as a part equivalent to the market share of the diamond in France. Until now have been tested 4 of the Renault without having detected abnormalities with respect to the approval process.

Renault dCiHas been the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, who has said that, for the moment, has not manifested the presence of any device is illegal to falsify the emissions of pollutants. According to Renault, records in its headquarters and technical center of Lardy and Guyancourt have been carried out in a complementary way by the General Directorate of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control to the emissions testing and to validate these first analyses. Renault has shown its full cooperation to the Commission Royal.

Source – Renault