Renault has updated the E RS, but still give you all that you need

just a few days Ago we’ve known the facelift of the Renault Clio RS. This face wash is a consequence of two facts: first the face wash general of the Renault Clio, updated slightly since it was launched in 2012. In the second place, the presentation in the Monaco GP of the prototype Renault Clio RS 16. This has inherited some of the details, such as the interesting LED lights front in the form of a checkered flag. But there is something that Renault is still not give your fantastic Clio RS.

of course I’m talking about a manual gearbox. We all agree that the box has dual clutch in the Clio RS has a more than correct, and we also agree that its use is more effective in both in-circuit as twisty roads. Is a recurring theme in motor, and we’ve spent not a few articles, talking about the evolution of the boxes change as of its implications in terms of fun behind the wheel. Because a sports utility must necessarily be amusing.

Renault_Clio_RS_220_Trophy_EDC_2015_DM_14is Not a vehicle that is purchased for logical reasons, as much as we try to justify their purchase. It is a car that is bought to have fun behind the wheel, to enjoy their dynamics in a road trap. And as much as a box of double clutch and six relations – as it still offers the Renault Clio RS – will allow us to go faster, perhaps the only thing we want is to have fun, not to beat our records previous. You look at it, a manual gearbox remains with a absolute control.

Currently, the Renault Clio RS is the only suv that is not offered with a manual gearbox.

Renault still provide the ability to associate a manual gearbox to your motor 1.6 Tec. The problem does not have only the Clio RS – but let’s talk in this article of him – but also affects the rest of models of the range Renault that mount the motor. I can imagine that the adaptation of a manual gearbox to the motor is not affordable, but from motor we believe that the sales of the sports utility vehicle would increase in line if they are sold with three pedals under the steering wheel instead of two.

renault-clio-rs-16-275-cv-15we Already know a case of success. The SEAT Ibiza Cupra and Volkswagen Polo GTI equipped with the engine 1.4 TSI TwinCharger 180 ps could only be ordered with a gearbox DSG. The criticism of the press and public with the new engine 1.8 TSI 192 HP and manual gearbox have been greatly improved, in addition to their sales. The Volkswagen Group has understood that the segment is still demand for manual changes, which fortunately sails against the current, in a market that increasingly wants more automatic cars.

The Renault Clio RS 16 yea makes use of a manual gearbox, although no site has been specified.

Currently, the Renault Clio RS is the only suv that is not offered with a manual gearbox. The rest is provided with boxes, manuals and option different types of automatic gearboxes: of converter in the case of the MINI, dual-clutch in the case of the SEAT or Volkswagen, manual robotised in the case of the Abarth… but they are alternatives. Alternatives respectable that some clients demand, but not the general trend. And Renault is still insisting on swimming against the tide.