Renault improves the power and efficiency of your engine for the GP of Austin

Renault V6 Turbo Híbrido de F1Renault has used 11 of the 12 tokens still remaining to this season. Reserve one for use before the end of this season, as they are not cumulative and if not used will be lost, allowing for only use 32 for the next season. Now negotiate with Toro Rosso and Red Bull if it’s worth it to be sanctioned and mount the new ICE or otherwise if you are running the engine with the specification old to avoid penalty.

Remi Taffin, the director of operations, Renault has confirmed the step forward of the engine, which should be obvious considering the amount of tokens that have been employed in it. The improvements have focused on increasing the performance and efficiency of the engine, it will also be a engine more manageable in terms of its power delivery so that the pilots can do their work more easily.

Red Bull en la noche de SIngapurThe GP of the united States is a key date marked by Red Bull to decide on your future and make things clear at once. In principle, Red Bull ride in Austin to get to test the performances of the new ICE, although there will be a penalty for exceeding the limit of engines this season. However, Austin has two straight long and are interested in having an upgraded engine, but this is already the decision of the affected computers.

If the engine has taken a good leap in performance… Could mean a reconciliation of Red Bull and Renault to stay in F1? It is still early to draw conclusions, but soon we should have the answer. Remember, also Ferrari will use 4 tokens to improve your engine of face-to-2016 in Austin, and that Honda also tested the improvements of the new engine with the tokens remaining remaining in Russia, and probably monte Alonso in this race…

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