Renault in the French courts for fraud in their broadcasts

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Renault the things complicate a little more in his native country, by the allegations of fraud that during this time have been pouring in on the signing by the emissions of their mechanical diesel. In France it is one of the most emblematic brands, but that status does not preclude the judicial authorities to bring it down from the pedestal on which you are to make it into a firm’s normal and current in the eyes of the French.

a couple of months Ago I we reported that the signature of the diamond was under intense scrutiny from the authorities of the country for a possible fraud in the approval of the emissions of their diesel engines. The Directorate-General of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) carried out a number of inspections at different sites of the company to seek evidence of guilt, and it seems that after these movements, the worst omens have been met.

Renault Espace 1.6 dCi 160 CV Initiale París

According to Auto Express, the prosecutor Paris would have appointed three judges to instruct the cause it to open against Renault and to assess whether the brand used (like the Volkswagen Group) a software trap to manipulate the approvals of their engines. With this device they could have camouflaged the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) actual of some of their cars and make them go for lower than you really are.

In a first moment the research will focus on the new mechanism diesel 1.6 dCi since it is in the that have been found more evidence of possible fraud. However signature French, through an official statement, continues to defend his innocence and ensuring that their performance conforms to the law in force in regard to the modus operandi that needs to be followed to perform the tests of homologation of consumptions and emissions in the laboratory.

For now this charge only affects France, but taking into account that the engine is 1.6 dCi is sold in almost all of Europe (Spain included) with the same specifications, the situation could be extended to other countries of the European Union. In addition, the research may not be carried from one day to another, so that will have to wait patiently for the judges to instruct the cause and dictate if Renault has committed fraud to standardize the NOx emissions of their diesel engines.

Source – Auto Express

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