Renault investigated for possible fraud in emissions


Since destapase the scandal at Volkswagen, the european car manufacturers are in the crosshairs of the agencies of fraud discover whether the customers and car buyers are being misled about the emissions of their vehicles (and by extension, the governments that collect less taxes for pollution).
Now has come the turn to Renault, which is currently being investigated by a possible fraud in the emissions of their engines.

As they say spokespersons for the union, agents of the anti-fraud office French are doing raids in various centers of testing, standardization and tuning of engines of Renault, investigating the emissions of gas from its thrusters, coming to seize several computers to collect information and data more comprehensive.

This is being reflected in the stock quote of a French manufacturer that has registered up to this time a down more than 20% in the value of their actions, the largest decline recorded for them in the stock market since the year 1999.


of course, other manufacturers are not safe from the economic movements with the so-called “leverage effect” in other companies of the competition, as Peugeot, which posted a decline of 10%, or Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW, a 5%.

we’ll keep you informed in all that pertains to this possible new scandal of the signature gala, has said that it will collaborate with the authorities to the 100%.