Renault is already testing the fifth generation of the Clio on track open

by Removing some exceptions, the current generation of the Renault Clio (data of 2012) is one of the models more veterans in its segment. Therefore, the signature gala is working on a piecework basis for the fifth iteration of your city is on the market before the second half of next year. But to do this, prior to its official submission have to finalize the development of the same, that takes time in the workshops of the brand.

In this way, Renault has already been started by the test validation to verify that the technology, chassis, steering, braking and scheme of suspensions (among many other elements) that have been developed for the next Clio are on the point. For this reason, they have been spotted a few units (full camo) in which it calls the attention that your aesthetics, rather than being revolutionary will a traditional on-line with respect to the generation outgoing.

This is not to say that the new Renault Clio is a copy of the model that is marketed today, but that will take a course aesthetic similar to that which we already know in the Megane, so that there will be a turning point in its history. Where there will be large changes will be at the technical level it will come on the modern platform CMF-2 that already premiered last Nissan Micra, and also is developing the next Capture.

through it the habitability the new Clio should be the best in its segment, since that will increase the distance between the axles. All this, in addition, will result in a range mechanics that will feature versions of gasoline, diesel and hybrid that will be supported by a hybridization system soft “Mild Hybrid”. In addition, you will have the possibility of having the active help to the driving that positioned in the level 2 driving autonomously.

surely its official presentation will take place in the next Paris motor show, as well as playing at home, it is a quote that usually go almost all manufacturers in the sector. Just the showcase you need Renault to prove what it is capable of doing.

Source – Coach

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