Renault is already testing the powertrain of the 'Season Four'


The binomial formed by Renault and.Dams and Sebastien Buemi dominate
overwhelmingly the Formula E
. Champions for teams and drivers,
the French structure and the swiss rider to have the three ePrix held this
season for victoria. Although the commitments in the WEC S├ębastien Buemi
force the leader of the contest to make a good difference to supplement your more
that safe absence in the ePrix of New York, what is certain is that the computer can
look to the future with optimism. To such an extent that Renault e.Dams has begun
evidence of the power train of the ‘Season Four’
, as has been revealed

In this aspect, Nico Prost gave the first laps with the
power train of the season 2017-18
in the path of Calafat, in Spain, to
the beginning of the month of February. A first contact that you will have your reply before
the next ePrix of Mexico City with a second test in which they will
to analyze the performance of the powertrain that the team will use during
the next season of Formula E. In this aspect, Renault e.Dams is one of
the equipment has begun before with their tests
, which without doubt is another
symptom of the great superiority of which they are enjoying.

We have begun quite soon with testing this
for analysis of some elements in the track. We went to Calafat in Spain, but
we dealt with wet weather and cold. Despite this we did get some data
claimed Nico Prost in ‘’. In this aspect,
Renault and.Dams wants to accelerate the evolution of your current Renault Z. E. 16
before you begin the project of the ‘Season Five‘, where there will be a change
quite remarkable when you happen to use a battery purchased from 54 kW to compete with a single
race car on each ePrix. All in all, Jaguar DS and Virgin have also started
evidence of similar draft