Renault is concerned about the spending excessive of hybrid engines


Jerome Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing, has warned about what he considers an expenditure disproportionate development of hybrid engines that are currently used in Formula 1.

the leader of The French considered that this type of engines, with two energy recovery systems associated with a traditional engine combustion, turbocharged, is interesting, but it’s outrageously expensive with the current concept. “The hybrid technology is interesting, the problem that we have is the cost of the technology. We must be careful with costs and to make sure that there is a return of the investment that we have made. And the costs have skyrocketed so much”, said Stoll in a statement to Autosport.

Renault supported from the beginning the introduction of the hybrid technology because in the current times is the appropriate step-level marketing, but Stoll believes that it must be done in a more efficient way from the economic point of view. “We have to see how we can slow it down a little the development costs for each manufacturer. You have to take into consideration that if we are in this competition is also for technological reasons. The fact that we support the introduction of hybrid systems in the engine also is because it shows that in Formula 1 we can also work for the environment by reducing the consumption in a 30 or 40%”.

And is that in today’s society each time is worst-having regard to the consumption of sterile and contamination, so that Stoll believes that the Formula 1 has chosen the right road to attract the car manufacturers. “it Is something that illustrates that you can be in this competition without being seen as someone who wants to kill the planet. You like competition, you like the passion, and you can work also the way that everyone wants you to do it”, said Jerome Stoll to finish.