Renault is going for Fernando Alonso, according to Giancarlo Minardi


There are few rumors in the last days which speak of a latent interest in Renault by Fernando Alonso. The French firm has landed in Formula 1 as a constructor after the purchase of Lotus, and despite the agreement that Pastor Maldonado and Jolyon Palmer have with the training for outgoing, that does not mean that both have to necessarily be the official drivers of Renault in the season 2016. In this line, the former Head of Team Giancarlo Minardi believes that Renault plans to sign Fernando Alonso face to build a solid project.

“With the acquisition of Lotus and the back as a constructor, the French (Renault) have all the interest in strengthened in every department explains Minardi. “Are looking for human resources, technicians, and pilots. The president, Carlos Ghosn, is working to start with Fernando Alonso’s Honda. The Italian believes that: “Pastor Maldonado can count with the money of Venezuela, but the situation is more complicated for Jolyon Palmer. The information that comes to me from France as well confirms it, although it is not easy to solve. To the front of the management of Renault it seems that it will be Alain Prost as Team Leader”.

During the same intervention Giancarlo Minardi also analyzed the problem of the Formula 1, making special emphasis on the lack of commitment of lar brands and manufacturers: “While the smaller teams close the grill, the large cheered the scene. As soon as one has found in the last positions, the disappearance of the computers humble, or because he had new competition reigning on the track, have gone for legs. Toyota, BMW, Jaguar and Honda are examples. It is mind-boggling to spend more than 400 million and have a team of 1,000 people to build two cars, as is crazy what is to pay 25 million for a power unit“.