Renault is pronounced on Budkowski: “we have Not come here to make friends”


Although nothing prevents Marcin Budkowski exposé by a computer of the Formula 1 once past the inactivity period specified in your contract, the equipment of the grill consider it scandalous that the FIA has imposed only three months, after which will be free to begin to work with either.

that implies that the computer file can be accessed in a short period of time to all the information that during the last few months has been known by the rest of the formations of the grill about new designs and concepts led to the season 2018.

Renault has been the team pointed out and Cyril Abiteboul has defended itself in a statement made to Autosport, in which neither confirms nor denies the signing of Budkowski, but warns the rest of its competitors. “we Want to be one of the top equipment in 2020. Is very far away, but considering all we have to do -reduce a disadvantage of between 1 and 1.5 seconds is a big jump. To be there in 2020, we must be aggressive. We are not here to make friends”, said the head of Renault Sport F1.

To be there in 2020, we must be aggressive. We are not here to make friends

The heads of team of rivals have pointed out that a period of inactivity would be appropriate of at least 12 months, but the reality is that the already ex-Technical Director of the regulator may be incorporated into any computer in less than three months. Abiteboul, meanwhile, acknowledges that Renault is recruiting staff to forced marches. “Obviously, there are ways of doing things and we need to grow in terms of staff -not necessarily with Marcin (Budkowski)-, Enstone needs to grow a lot. We started with 475 people and we are already 620”.


Renault knows that the only way to make the leap to the top positions is to increase the quality of your staff.

Although not hidden that the French brand tries to attract staff already present in the Formula 1 makes it very clear that Renault has always acted properly and without bad gear and will continue to do so. “it is Not a secret that all people come from somewhere and we have to look at other teams. Renault has a history very clear of extreme justice and loyalty, so let us do what we do, we will make sure that is done in the right way and being fair with our competitors”.