Renault is testing new models for Datsun and Dacia


it May feel so but it is not a Nissan Note

Under the bodywork of a Nissan with some of the details are hidden two models that we couldn’t imagine until now, a real mule that Renault has made us think a lot.

it Looks like a Note but is not what is, it is wider and has a smaller distance between axes

it Might seem a Nissan Note with the use, but the mule of these images with details that indicate to us that this is not really the substitute for this japanese model.

steps of wheels front and rear bulging indicate an increase in the width of tracks, while the front is absolutely camouflaged and the headlights displaced towards the outside is not a detail of the future of design, but that the models are hiding under this appearance also will have a engine bay a little bit bigger, to accommodate blocks more generous.


will Evolve into a model for Dacia and Datsun

But, the distance from axis shortened with respect to the battle of the Nissan Note, conventional, making it more small the rear door is the main detail that corroborates that we cannot stand before the new generation of the Note, a model that should already be in development. In reality, what is hidden under this mule are two new models, one for Dacia and another for Datsun.

A model for Toyota and another for Dacia

Until now, we knew that Renault had a platform for small models developed between the French and Daimler, that is to say, the EDISON is mounted in the new smart fortwo, smart forfour and Renault Twingo and to the rest of models of the brand’s modular platform CMF, which is divided in two: CMF-B and CMF-C/D. But sources consulted we have said that under this mule is testing the platform CMF for models of the segment and, in principle, only for emerging markets.

a Whole new generation of small models

The new platform CMF advances a new generation of smaller models, a philosophy similar to that of the Citro├źn C4 Cactus-a car basic, cheap to produce and with a high value added but with a maintenance at a reasonable cost to the client,built using techniques of cost-saving.


This mule uses the platform CMF

Of this new platform and that hides under this mule will be born the production models of the Datsun redi-go and a small minivan of Renault to South america, Algeria, Morocco, and Thailand, among other asian markets. The production model of Datsun will go to India, mainly, and it will be first come, planned to present in may of 2016 with a design very similar to the concept.

But this is not just for emerging markets, because according to the information we have could also be models for Western Europe, including our market.