Renault Italy fined for misleading advertising, with 300,000 euros

If a couple of days ago I we reported that Porsche is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office of Stuttgart for misleading advertising with respect to the Dieselgate, today we bring you to another firm investigated. In this case it is not German, is French, and the research he has done has nothing to do with the emissions of their diesel engines. Apparently, according to the Department of Defense of the Competition of Italy, Renault had been for a while using misleading advertising to announce some of their models.

an advertising campaign that would have made Renault, with respect to its competition, would have been unfair, it would have reported “fraudulently” the wrong way to its clients on aspects relating to the price of their models. This agency also accuses the firm of diamond for having redefined the real cost of their models advertised and does not reflect with clarity the conditions of payment under which conditions the purchase price.

According to the opinion of this body, ads and misleading advertising of Renault would have been extended by various media including the Italian web of the signature. The problem that existed in this advertising is that the firm only emphasized in the final price who were customers, but not informed (or did diffusely) about the need of availing itself of the financing of the brand. Without this requirement the advertised price was not correct and that is what has led to the investigation of this committee.

time period allegedly carried out this practice it was between September 2015 and February 2016. The models that have focused on misleading advertising would have been the Mégane, Capture, and Kadjar, and soon after would also have been included the Twizy. Therefore, the sanction which it has fallen to Renault has been 300 thousand euros. This amount is divided into two penalties, the first (250 thousand euros) for using misleading advertising for the first three models described, and the second (50 thousand euros) for having informed incorrectly about the price of a quadricycle, electric.

Both penalties may be appealed by the French firm so it could still have a bigger tour this situation. Meanwhile, Renault has made no official statement whatsoever in this regard.

Source – Automotive News

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